Photo Credit: Rob Montague / Late Morning Films

A month and a half into the new year and we’re feeling the love over here at Burning River Entertainment. We’d love to announce our brand new dance department, the Dance L.I.T.E. Dance Crew, featuring James “Showtime” Burkes at the forefront of it all!

An original member of Cleveland’s “Scream Team”, Burkes was one of the youngest founding members at the time it was created for the 2005-2006 season. At one of the biggest stages for dance in Cleveland with the Cavaliers, Burkes was able to hone his craft in front of over 20,000 fans night after night for five years, before expanding into his current pursuits as an instructor and choreographer.

This new partnership is all about elevating the concept of dancers and party motivators to a new level, according to Burkes. “This idea came from wanting to connect deeper with the dancers AND the people. We plan to work to unite different people from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds through experiencing the joy of dance. Dancers are extremely competitive, and we wanted to be able to create a home environment outside of that competition.”

Burning River Entertainment Group owner and founder Gene Natale continued, “What we need most in our world today is unity and love – and that’s what this new dance team is all about. There is no better person than James, a king in the Cleveland dance world, to help us lead this movement.”

With the concept of an annual showcase in the works, the Dance L.I.T.E Dance Crew aims to not only showcase its own team of dancers, but also pull the audience into the performance, much like how the Burning River dancers and party motivators help the guests at our events become a part of the performance through dancing.

At Burning River Entertainment, we are excited to show off how our party motivators can help enhance your event. Our B’nai Mitzvah events and upcoming showcase are just the beginning of big things for 2019!

For more information about James “Showtime” Burkes, head to his website HERE to find out more. For information on how to book Burning River Entertainment and the Dance L.I.T.E. Dance Crew for your next event, head over HERE to request a quote!

Burning River Entertainment and the Dance L.I.T.E. Dance Team To Take Dance to a New Level in 2019